Annual Spring Events Information


Annual Spring Events on Nishinoshima Island!


During April there are a number of events to look forward to at various locations around Nishinoshima Town.  Come and enjoy our events!


  1. Evening Cherry Blossom Viewing Light-Up at Yurahime Shrine

When:  From the end of March for about 2 weeks during sakura season


  1. Welcome Taiko Performance

When:  5:05 pm Every Sat (this aligns with the 5:05 Ferry Shirashima arrival)

Where:  In front of Beppu Port Ferry Terminal


  1. Sunset Cafe at Kuniga

When:  17th April (Sat) 5:30 pm – 19:00

Free pick-up from Beppu Port to Kuniga Bay car park.  As the number of seats are limited please make a prior booking if you require a pick up.  Enquire at Nishinoshima Tourism Association.


  1. Beach Clean Event

When:  11th April (Sun) 9:00 – 11:00

Where:  Kuniga Bay

For details on the location please enquire at Nishinoshima Tourism Association.


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Nishinoshima Tourism Association TEL 08514-7-8888