Rent a Cycle



Nishinoshima is a very hilly island, so we recommend the electric-assist bicycles it you want to experience a variety of sights.
We also advise you to take out optional accident insurance.
In principle, you cannot keep the bicycle overnight due to insurance regulations.

Standard ¥300/hour

Special Map ¥100
Optional Insurance: ¥200 (per person, per rental)

Electric-Assist ¥500/hour
Special Map ¥100
Optional Insurance: ¥200 (per person, per rental)

“Cross-type” road bicycles are available for rent too! Price: ¥400/hour, Optional Insurance: ¥200 (per person, per rental)

>> Rent-a-Cycle Course MAP (PDF)

Access (from Beppu Port)
 foot  0 minutes
Bicycles available for rent at the tourist information office inside the Beppu Port Terminal Building.
There is no rental cycle company in Urago.
Standard Bicycle: You may keep the bicycle overnight (Charge: ¥1000/day), but you MUST NOT ride the bicycle in the evening.
Electric-Assist Bicycle: You must return the bicycle to the tourist information office each day as the battery needs to be charged.

Please contact the Nishinoshima Tourism Association.
Phone: +81-(0)8514-7-8888 (Japanese only)
>> Contact Form (English/Japanese)
*Booking not essential, but recommended. We have ten bicycles for hire, but at busy times of the year all bicycles will be rented out.

We do not have rental scooters or motorbikes.